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Welcome to the Mean Old Geezers den!!

Well the time has come to bring the Old Geezers back, Our slumber is over and time to get back to our wrath, We will be starting this with new dragons to add to our lair, with  Teamwork to be our core function, Respect to our fellow friends to create a clan with poise and attitude that will take us far into the future.

We are a clan looking for fun and energetic active members who want to enjoy their  Reaper of Souls experience, We are a new clan to RoS but not new to the game, We believe in core teamwork as well as fun without all the demands on you to be the best or get out atmosphere.

We tailor around respect to our clan mates and expect the same in return, we expect you to try and help build a clan we all can be proud of and dedicate ourselves to being good together instead of being the best as one individual, It takes a team effort to be successful, and I hope this is where you want to set your goals and thrive in a fun and complacent unit built on skill and the fun we deserve and want

We hope you will choose MoG as your new home, we welcome all levels and all country's, we don't discriminate against anyone for different languages or where you call home, we hope you will call MoG home for many years, and we hope we can bring you the excitement you come to expect, but that happens with all of us pulling as a team, and accomplishing our goals as a core unit

Hope to see you soon in game with the MoG tag, many have already took the plunge we hope to see you in our clan and excel with your  MoG Family

MoG Pyronics
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